About Us

Company Overview

Evrigard , the leading Manufacturer and multi-brand service provider of customised on and off site personal protective equipment (PPE) managed solutions in sub-Saharan Africa, was founded in 1980. The company provides customers with partnership-based management solutions for the procurement and individually recorded issue of PPE. Evrigard was established to serve a niche market and has since inception grown in experience and dominated market share.

Evrigard currently employs in excess of 300 people to run its South African operation, and serves an impressive complement of over 3500 customers , supported by strategically placed distribution centres.
Evrigard ensures that the everyday protection of customers’ workers is under control. This is achieved by providing products that comply with regulations, recording the issuing thereof and providing records by individual product user. The company aims to achieve fast, flexible, efficient and cost-effective management processes that leverage application-specific expertise.

Its system flexibility and logistic network allows the company to further its goals of providing solutions to all sub-Saharan countries and all industry segments.

Today, Evrigard has flagship operations in the mining, oil, gas , petroleum and steel industries.


Evrigard attributes its success to these key elements

  • A partnership-based approach to the management of PPE, including guidance internationalization and standardization of equipment
  • Active participation in customer safety programmes
  • Ability to customize solutions in order to interact with customer infrastructure and systems
  • Documented proof of compliance to legislative requirements
  • Record-keeping, down to an individual user level, which enables the customer to identify abuse and prove issue of approved PPE
  • Tailored management reports
  • Cost-effective processes


A Customer-Specific Solution

Evrigard has formulated a ‘PPE Solution” to help employers comply with industry and regulatory requirements. Together with its customers, the company determines an Issuing Protocol (IP), which stipulates the rules under which it will supply PPE. The IP allows the customer to determine the specific PPE needs and frequency of issue for each employee in line with their specific job requirements.

The IP is supported by a sophisticated IT-system that provides real-time information on all PPE issues and usage, and is able to store historical data in various formats, depending on customer requirements. This system enables customers to exercise complete control and effectively manage their budgets.

Tailored management reports provide customers with valuable information and the ability to identify trends. Not only can customers determine upfront what PPE will cost them, they can also detect abuse, and/or the under-issue of PPE. Management reports also reflect information on the PPE cost per site, cost centre, and per individual.